Go online to learn about creative learning

Teachers around the world can go online to learn about creative learning thanks to a new free course being run by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Mitch Resnick

The Learning Creative Learning course is being led by Mitch Resnick, director of the Lifelong Kindergarten and the LEGO Papert Professor at the MIT Media Lab.

And those who weren’t able to sign up to take part in the course (launched online by Media Lab and P2PU for the first time this semester) can still listen to the sessions on YouTube.

Aimed at educators, designers and technologists, the course introduces ideas and strategies for designing technologies to support creative learning. You can watch the Introduction on YouTube, in which Mitch Resnick explains about the increasing importance of creative learning in the world today.

Other sessions on YouTube include Interest-Based Learning, Making & Constructionism and Open Learning.

Media Lab is renowned for its Scratch programme used in schools around the world, and  for Programmable Bricks which were developed in collaboration with The LEGO Group.For more information about the course visit the website.

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