WIN £2,000 of LEGO Education resources for your school!


Be quick – there are only 5 days left to enter our fabulous competition!

To be in with the chance of winning £2,000 worth of LEGO Education resources for your school, all you have to do is answer 4 simple questions about our LEGO Education Innovation Studio via our website before midday on Sunday 5th October 2014.

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A little tip – watch the video to help you answer the questions ;-) Good Luck!

Want to have a go of our robot at your school?

We have decided to take our EV3 on the road and show you exactly how you can discover an engaging and inspiring way to teach Computing, Science, Design & Technology and Maths through real life problem solving.

All we ask is that you gather a minimum of 12 teachers together to form a cluster of schools and one of our EV3 specialists will come and show you how to deliver a unique classroom experience that will transform learning for FREE.

We will show you to how to:

  • Deliver the curriculum in a new and exciting way with EV3
  • Implement a hands-on experience in your classroom
  • Use both the hardware and software to maximum effect
  • Utilise the lesson planning and classroom management tools

If you haven’t heard of the EV3 before, it is the third generation of the MINDSTORMS robotics platform, but with increased functionality to deliver a wide range of curriculum requirements. It has been developed in partnership with teachers across the world to enhance the learning experience.

The best way to get the feel of the EV3 is to watch our short video.

All of our workshops are personalised to your schools, so if you want to look at our other solutions or have a specific requirement then please just drop us an email at or give us a call on 0800 334 5346 and we can discuss creating a workshop agenda to suit you.

Visit our website to book your FREE LEGO Education MINDSTORMS EV3 workshop now.

Join the WeDo Adventure! We have FREE lesson plans and FREE workshops!

Hungry Crocodile

LEGO Education is beginning an exciting new adventure and we would like you to join the fun!

Over the next few weeks we are going to be giving you some free activities, curriculum connections and downloads so you can see just how easy and engaging it is to use WeDo in your classroom.

WeDo helps you achieve your curriculum goals in Computing, Science, Language and Social Studies. It combines the joy of LEGO building with classroom-specific activities across different subject areas.

This weeks’ adventure is ‘Computing’. To start you off, we are giving you a FREE lesson plan designed to introduce the class to the process of debugging a simple program using the WeDo ‘Hungry Crocodile’.

We have a little video to show you just how straightforward and engaging the ‘Hungry Crocodile’ is in the classroom.

You can also download the FREE ‘Hungry Crocodile’ sample lesson plan as part of our preview of the 2014 Computing Scheme of Work.

Don’t forget, we are also offering FREE teacher workshops across the UK throughout October and November so if you would like to have a go at the ‘Hungry Crocodile’ for yourself, please get in touch to book your workshop session!

We hope you enjoy our first activity and we look forward to more adventures very soon.

Congratulations to Hanham Abbots Junior School in Bristol

Congratulations to Hanham Abbots Junior School who win a full classroom pack of StoryStarter with their story “Hanham Abbots LEGO Adventure”.

We loved their really creative adventure and particularly loved the scary witch! Well done for using your imaginations so vividly :-)

We have had some fantastic entries to our #myStoryStarter competition so far so thank you to all the schools who have taken part. We hope you enjoyed using StoryStarter in your classrooms – it certainly looks like you have!

Don’t forget, there are still 4 more opportunities for you to win a full classroom pack of StoryStarter for you school in September, October, November and December so what are you waiting for – take a look at our YouTube page and be inspired!

Here’s details of how you can enter our #myStoryStarter competition.

Good luck!

LEGO Education introduces a new way to learn for Primary Teachers


Developed for teachers by teachers, LEGO Education LearnToLearn provides an introductory look at how LEGO Education’s hands-on Primary Solutions impact daily learning

• LEGO® Education LearnToLearn is a hands-on educational tool that helps primary school students experience the possibilities of what can be learned using LEGO Education solutions within design and engineering, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies while also building and reinforcing the most fundamental learning skills of the 21st century: collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving

• The brick set and 15 simple activities were developed for teachers by teachers as a cost-effective whole-class solution that coaches educators on how to easily get started with LEGO Education in the Primary classroom

• LEGO Education LearnToLearn is aimed at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children and is complete with age-level modifications that enable educators to scale the activity complexity up or down, depending on the student’s learning, experience or age

BILLUND, DENMARK – September 15, 2014 – Today, LEGO® Education announced the availability of a new resource for Primary classrooms: LEGO Education LearnToLearn, an introductory instructional tool that helps teachers and students achieve curriculum goals within core subject areas. Real-world educators were an integral part of the development process. From brick selection to activity development, including defining the lesson structure, the learning areas to be covered and the classroom management tricks to be incorporated, we worked with current Primary teachers to create a tool that is simple, relevant, cost-effective and extremely usable in today’s classroom.

The solution comes with 28 individual sets containing 72 LEGO bricks packaged in reusable storage bags to be distributed to each student. Also included is a downloadable curriculum pack that contains 15 activities across five learning areas and a variety of teacher support materials.

Each activity in the areas of science, literacy, math, social studies and design and engineering includes specific learning outcomes and provides samples of what is possible when using LEGO Education to teach a variety of core subject areas.

There are three activities included for each learning area covered in the activity pack. The activities are designed to be completed in a 30- to 45-minute timeframe.

Like all classroom solutions from LEGO Education, the LearnToLearn set is based on Constructionism, a school of thought that starts with the conviction that children learn best when they experience things firsthand and within a meaningful context.

“We believe students are more successful through playful learning experiences because students are more engaged and the experiences promote a positive mind-set to learning by building life skills as well as knowledge and in that way better prepare students for their future,” said Jesper Just Jensen, Senior Director Preschool and Primary Marketing, LEGO Education. “From the very first lesson with LearnToLearn, students are motivated and encouraged to stay curious, work together, be creative, and think critically.”

The solution and its curriculum are available in 13 counties, including Brazil (Portuguese), China, Denmark, France, Germany, Japan, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the US and the UK.

Please visit for more information about the LearnToLearn solution offerings, teacher quotes and LEGO Education learning approach.

Great week for LEGO Education!

We have had a great week here at LEGO Education.

Firstly, we added to our awards tally by winning the ‘Education Award’ at the eLegacy Awards for our Partnership with National Instruments.

Then we got to visit Parliament for the IET Skills Event that invited MPs to work with their local schools to inspire more young people to take STEM subjects.

The event saw Skills Minister, Nick Boles, launch a £30 million fund to increase the supply of engineers. He said “a guaranteed supply of skilled engineers is essential if UK engineering is to compete on the world stage.”

We got great support from the MPs as they signed the IET Skills pledge to support engineering and they also had a bit of fun with our LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 robots and our LEGO ducks.

Here are some highlights of the week.

Brand new competition to win £2,000 of LEGO Education resources

We have got some really exciting new developments to announce over the next few weeks and we start today – with the launch of our brand new competition!

We are giving away £2,000 worth of LEGO Education resources for your very own LEGO Education Innovation Studio.

Tomorrow’s scientists and engineers are sitting in your classroom today, just waiting to be encouraged and inspired! Having a dedicated LEGO Education Innovation Studio in your own school can lift not only science and maths but the full range of curriculum subjects from the pages of a textbook and bring them to life.

An Innovation Studio provides a unique ‘hands-on, minds-on’ environment that supports and enriches the entire learning and teaching process. It will stimulate the students, motivate the teachers and enhance the wider academic reputation of your school.

Watch our video to see exactly what a LEGO Education Innovation Studio looks like then enter our competition to win £2,000 worth of resources to create your very own LEGO Education Innovation Studio by answering 4 simple questions.

Good luck!

René Lydiksen speaks in Parliament

Rene at Parliament

This afternoon sees René heading to Parliament to speak at the IET Skills Event in front of Nick Gibb, Minister of State for School Reform, Nick Boles, Minister of State for Skills and Equalities and over 40 MPs.

The event will showcase the IET and LEGO Education’s work to inspire the next generation of engineers and we will be encouraging as many MPs as possible to commit to supporting us.

We will be challenging the MPs to a simple MINDSTORMS EV3 programming task! They will also be asked to sign a pledge board supporting engineering in four different ways:

  • Encourage girls and boys to consider STEM careers
  • Promote the value of vocational STEM subjects
  • Encourage employers to engage with local students
  • Promote STEM careers to parents

We may even try out our ‘LEGO duck’ challenge with them!

We will blog about René’s visit to Parliament later in the week.

Fantastic StoryStarter Review by Forbes

ForbesWe hope everyone is adjusting back to ‘normal’ life and has enjoyed the first week back at school.

We thought we’d share this fantastic StoryStarter review we had in Forbes over the summer.

Jenn Choi, reporter at Forbes wrote the article ‘What Cutting Edge Looks Like in a School’ and this is what she had to say about StoryStarter:

LEGO Education StoryStarter and StoryVisualizer and Curriculum Pack: Why give them toys? Why can’t they just write an essay?  My answer: yes, writing is important but so it telling a story and there are many ways to do that. We live in a highly visual world today where the T.V. screens in an average home might be wider than the coffee table.  Thus, to limit students to storytelling in this one dimension is exactly that- limiting. LEGO bricks and pieces can magically bring out brilliant stories in even the most reluctant writers. We want children to practice expressing themselves as much as possible and schools like  in New York City are using the LEGO  pieces and software on iPads, Androids, and computers to allow children to flex as many storytelling muscles as possible.”

You can read the full article here

If you want to see for yourself what StoryStarter is then we are running a series of workshops over the next few months to show you just how much impact this can have on Primary children. You can also request a free StoryStarter sample kit via our website.

If you would like further information on our workshops or StoryStarter, please get in touch via the website or email

Welcome back!

So that’s it. The summer holiday is already a dim and distant memory and there are lots of excitable and some nervous children heading back to school for another school year.

This term is a very exciting term for us here at LEGO Education Europe. Without spilling the beans before we’re allowed, you can look forward to some fantastic new product news and some more brilliant competitions to win lots of LEGO Education resources for your schools.

Speaking of competitions, don’t forget our StoryStarter competition is still open until the end of the year. Visit our website for full details and to claim your free LEGO Education StoryStarter sample kit. We have received lots of videos from you but we are looking forward to seeing a lot more now that the children are all back at school.

This month sees the introduction of the new computing curriculum and a whole new way of teaching children computing in the classroom. A lot of teachers still feel they have received insufficient information about the curriculum and Computer Weekly reported yesterday “65% of parents are still unaware that primary children are set to learn coding at school”.

It is clearly a hot topic that still warrants a lot of discussion.

As such, our UK Sales Manager, Matt Parkes, is going to join an online Twitter discussion about the new computing curriculum, hosted by @UKEdChat tomorrow evening (Thursday 4th September 2014) at 8.00pm.

@UKEdChat have asked: “The New Computing Curriculum is here. Are you ready?”

As this subject is close to our hearts, we thought we’d join in to see what you think. Matt will be joining under the @LEGOEducationUK Twitter account so if you have any questions for him, follow us and @UKEdChat on Twitter and join in the discussion.

We wish you all a very happy and fun-filled new school year!