Inspirational use of StoryStarter

Mrs Betts, Jack and his Mum

Mrs Betts, Jack and his Mum

Yesterday we met a wonderful young boy at a ‘Building Learning Behaviour’ event organised by the Behavioural Support Advisory Team at Telford & Wrekin Council.

Jack, aged 6, has delayed Speech and Language Skills. 4 months ago he presented as very difficult to engage and wouldn’t even entertain reading or writing.

Jack’s teacher, Mrs Jill Betts, introduced StoryStarter into Jack’s class and the results have been amazing!

We’ll let Mrs Betts tell the story:

“LEGO has had a huge impact on Jack. He has become more confident and is now reading and writing and is out in the playground playing with the other children. It’s been phenomenal…huge. Two weeks ago, Jack astounded me by reading a book unsupported. He wrote a full page story this week on his own. From my heart I can say it’s helped Jack in all aspects of his life. I really believe in it. Does it work? Yes it does”. Jill Betts, Millbrook Primary School, Telford & Wrekin.

Curriculum delivery within 45 minutes using LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3

EV3 Pic

“The EV3 set is completely set apart from any rivals. The fact that students can immediately engage with a familiar construction method/technology that most have been using from an early age, enables students to quickly construct varying degrees of models depending upon ability.”

Chris Carver, Head of Computing, Art and D&T, Kingsbury High School

Start teaching your curriculum within 45 minutes using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 for Computing, Science, Maths and D&T.

The Robot Educator learning tool is designed to take your pupils through the essentials of programming, data logging and hardware. It does so in a structured and engaging way, ensuring everyone is constructing, programming and learning within a minimum amount of time. Using the Content Editor, you can modify existing or design new tasks and provide differentiated challenges for each group of students. All lesson materials can be prepared and designed directly in the software and transferred to the students’ digital work books.

The tutorials provide an excellent step-by-step route to teach the new Computing curriculum with modules including basic programming, data wires, loops, switches, arrays, logic and data logging. With over 32 hours of curriculum content provided, your pupils can advance at their own pace creating a strong, differentiated learning environment.

Download a FREE preview of the Computing Scheme of Work NOW!

More curriculum coverage with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3

EV3Discover 3 exciting curriculum packs which integrate fully within the LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 software and provide engaging, real-life topics for your pupils to explore.

Start your lessons with an expedition to Mars through the EV3 Space Challenge and Activity Pack, by solving tasks covering topics in Science, Engineering, D&T and Maths. Activities also include 3 open-ended research projects covering how humans survive in space, how humans create energy in space and how robots assist in space exploration.

Develop problem-solving, collaboration, innovation and creativity in STEM themes with the Design Engineering Projects curriculum pack where pupils can explore how to make a robot move in many different ways, how to make a robot smarter and how to use robotics to develop a control system.

Engage pupils in physical Science topics through a series of 14 experiments covering Thermal Physics, Light, Mechanics and Renewable Energy. Each experiment lasts between 45 and 90 minutes and uses small LEGO models to develop core concepts.

Visit our website to see the multiple expansion sets.

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There’s more to maths than facts!

MoreToMaths Banner

The brand new MoreToMaths 1-2 set from LEGO® Education is an exciting, fun and engaging way of teaching maths problem-solving skills at Key Stage 1.

Built around the National Curriculum, MoreToMaths includes teachers’ notes and student worksheets for a total of 48 lessons, integrated assessment tools, inspiration for differentiation, extension ideas and training videos.

Also included is the MathsBuilder, interactive whiteboard software including a digital building tool which encourages pupils to share their problem-solving solutions, enhancing communication and collaboration skills.

MoreToMaths is available to pre-order now for delivery in January 2015.

And the winner is …

Bishop Justus Church of England School! 

Congratulations to Bishop Justus Church of England School on winning £2,000 worth of resources in the LEGO Education Innovation Studio competition!

We hope you enjoyed finding out more about our Innovation Studios and as a thank you to everyone who entered the competition, we will be sending out a small gift soon.

In the meantime, take a look at our special offers or sign up for one of our teacher workshops to get hands-on with LEGO Education in the classroom.

MoreToMaths Official Press Announcement


LEGO Education MoreToMaths 1-2 Teaches the Practices of Mathematical Problem Solving; Aligns to the National Curriculum  

News Highlights:

  • LEGO Education MoreToMaths 1-2 is a hands-on educational tool for Key Stage 1 targeted at teaching mathematical problem solving, a key component of today’s mathematics curriculum
  • MoreToMaths 1-2 includes a LEGO brick set designed for classroom use, curriculum pack, teacher training videos and interactive whiteboard software. The resource also includes teacher and student worksheets with built-in assessment tools that teach and reinforce mathematical problem solving as defined by the latest national curriculum targets
  • The focus of the 48 lessons in the curriculum pack is to provide concrete but challenging problem solving activities for students using the LEGO brick as a hands-on process through which mathematical exploration takes place

BILLUND, DENMARK – 15 October 2014 – Today, LEGO® Education announced the presale of MoreToMaths 1-2, a learning resource for years one and two, aimed at teaching and reinforcing the practices of mathematical problem solving as defined by the latest national curriculum targets. Mathematics problems can be a difficult concept for young children to grasp. This innovative classroom resource uses the familiar LEGO brick as the tool that makes abstract maths tangible. The addition of MoreToMaths builds on LEGO Education’s commitment to deliver engaging learning solutions across subject areas at primary level.

Teachers can get started with MoreToMaths 1-2 in the classroom with:

  • MoreToMaths Core Set 1-2:
    • One set contains 520 LEGO elements intended for two students at a time along with base plates, brick separators and two LEGO mini-figures named Max and Mia
    • Building materials are delivered in a storage box with sorting tray and organisation stickers
  • MoreToMaths Curriculum Pack 1-2:
    • Forty-eight lessons that teach mathematical problem solving
    • Curriculum standards descriptions along with a learning grid that aligns activities to key national standards and objectives
    • Teacher’s notes, lesson plans, student worksheets, integrated assessment tools and ideas for activity differentiation
  • MathsBuilder Interactive White Board Software
    • Runs on all major interactive white boards enabling teachers to model included activities for entire class
    • Includes all tasks from the forty-eight curriculum pack lessons
    • Enables teachers to create their own activities with an easy-to-use content editor
    • Delivers five e-learning videos for easy classroom implementation
    • Includes LEGO mini-figure animations to engage students in mathematical problem solving

“To see the children’s curiosity in the problems and how they sparkle when they build their solutions, it’s just amazing.” Mario Hjorth Volkmann, Teacher and Educational Concept Developer of MoreToMaths, LEGO® Education.

MoreToMaths is available to order now for delivery in January 2015. Please visit for more information.

LEGO Education announces presale for NEW MoreToMaths 1-2 Solution

?????????????????????????????????????????????Today, we are very excited to announce the presale of a brand new LEGO Education resource to help teach Key Stage 1 maths problem solving.

Introducing LEGO Education MoreToMaths 1-2.

We all know maths is a subject that either wins hearts or instills fear. For some time, we have been exploring the stigma surrounding maths and how new solutions can break down barriers to make hands-on maths problem solving engaging at an early age.

During our research we examined and identified the best practices of teaching mathematical problem solving within the confines of national curriculum standards.

As a result of this research, MoreToMaths was born.

So what makes MoreToMaths unique and different from all the other maths resources on the market?

We know there are hundreds of maths manipulatives out there but we are yet to find one that focuses on core maths and word problem solving. And this is where children are struggling.

Maths problems can be a difficult concept for young children to grasp. MoreToMaths has been designed to sit alongside the curriculum by making abstract maths tangible using the LEGO brick. By building their answers to curriculum based maths problems, children are not only given the complete freedom to make mistakes without the stigma of a big ‘red cross’ on their textbooks, but also develop a deep understanding of how to solve problems.

The addition of MoreToMaths builds on our commitment to deliver engaging learning resources across all subject areas at Primary level.

Whilst MoreToMaths is not available for delivery until January 2015, we are offering FREE teacher workshops, where you can experience MoreToMaths for yourself, throughout October and November. Click here to book a workshop.

Visit our website for everything you need to know about LEGO Education MoreToMaths 1-2.

Another award for LEGO Education StoryStarter


We are delighted to start the week with some more fantastic news about our award-winning LEGO Education StoryStarter resource.

StoryStarter won the TOMMI Award 2014 – the most prestigious childrens’ software prize in Germany – presented to us at last weeks’ Frankfurt Book Fair.

Our MD, Dr René Lydiksen was invited to the Book Fair where he took part in a series of events including a round table discussion about how LEGO Education can help drive educational innovation through global, cross-industry collaboration.

René was honored to receive this prestigious award. He especially enjoyed meeting all of the children who voted for StoryStarter to win and had great fun sharing our LEGO duck challenge.

The Adventure continues with WeDo Science!

WeDoScience copyOur WeDo Adventure continues and this weeks’ adventure focuses on Science!

WeDo Science gets pupils to investigate how simple machines like levers and gears can be used to change the force needed to lift objects.

By building working WeDo models in Science lessons, pupils will learn first-hand about transmission of motion and energy and will even get an understanding of habitats and animal adaptions. The project-based nature of WeDo lessons will also challenge your pupils’ engineering and design abilities in a fun and engaging way whilst developing and improving those crucial communication, collaboration and team-building skills.

WeDo not only helps you achieve your curriculum goals in Science but also Computing, Language and Social Studies. It combines the joy of LEGO building with classroom-specific activities across difference subject areas.

Download your FREE Science sample lesson plan NOW.

Don’t forget, we are also offering FREE teacher workshops across the UK throughout October and November so if you would like to experience WeDo for yourself, please get in touch to book your workshop session!

We hope you enjoy our second activity and we look forward to more adventures very soon.

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